iPhone 4S Review

Well, Apple has announced it’s iPhone 4S just a few hours ago. Though it’s not an iPhone 5. It’s an iPhone 4S with the same Retina display and same glass-back as in iPhone 4, but trust me, if you take a look at it’s features (actually, advanced features...

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iPhone 4S Launch Brings Happiness to Many Faces

Today Apple launched iPhone 4S on AT&T and Sprint in US and on some other carriers in six other countries including Canada, Australia, the UK, France, Germany, and Japan. According to reports, the first day of launching of iPhone 4S brought happiness...

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How to Program Android Apps

Right now, Android is world’s second biggest Mobile OS and Android market is, off course; the biggest Apps Market in the world. Yups, its biggest, with 500,000+ Android Apps. Days of Apple’s App Store are now gone. Now it’s second one. So being a developer...

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Get Ready for an Ice Cream Sandwich!

Well, Samsung has planned to hold an event next week in San Diego. The star of the show is rumored to be Nexus Prime and Google may also use this event to launch it’s latest version of Android — Ice Cream Sandwich.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich

This information comes out from...

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Dear Steve, We will miss you!

Steve Jobs, who was the founder of Apple Inc., was a driving force behind the Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod and also was an inspiration for many of us, passed away today. He was 56 and was suffering from Pancreatic Cancer from several years. Apple’s website...

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ZTE Skate: A Press Release

The spiritual successor to the Blade and current flagship has been launched worldwide today. Yups, I am talking about the all new ZTE Skate. Now the device is on sale in Hong Kong, Brazil and Spain, the Skate is rolling down the French Alps and into...

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Windows Phone Mango Update Coming to AT&T on September 27

Well, it seems like now the time of waiting has gone! According to an alleged internal AT&T email leak reported by the wpcentral blog, Windows Phone Mango Update may come to AT&T on September 24th.

Windows Phone Mango

The report also discloses the name of handsets which...

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Western Digital Reveals My Passport and My Passport Studio Hard Drives for Mac Users

Well, for Mac users, its a fairly sleek, portable and streamlined option when it comes to hard drives. This collection includes My Passport and My Passport Studio hard drives from Western Digital. The latter includes an all metal enclosure and a pair...

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Touchstone Feature Powers Samsung Epic 4G Touch with Inductive Charging Powers

Well, its a pretty unclear subject just like a webOS before the launch, but still its getting a fair amount of love. A bold and daring AndroidCentral Forums member accomplished the Touchstone feat on his three-day-old Epic 4G Touch in a process that...

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Toshiba to Release Glasses Free 3D HDTV

This is just another major hit from IFA. Toshiba discussed in a presentation at IFA that they’re going to release a glasses-free 55-inch flat-panel 3D HDTV. This HDTV, named as Toshiba 55LZ2 doesn’t require any glasses to view images in 3D and sends...

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