The World’s Smallest Camera: A Press Release

Remember that one-inch Chobi Cam One that was spotted in Japan earlier this year? Well, now it has reappeared on US shores and is ready to be lost in your pocket. Unimaginatively titled as “The World’s Smallest Camera” is priced at $99.95 and has a...

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T- Mobile to Launch Low-Cost Blackberry Curve

T-Mobile is now accepting pre-orders for Blackberry Curve 9360, which will offer amazing Blackberry features at a bargain price. The all new Blackberry Curve 9360 runs Blackberry 7 OS, a 2.4 inch screen, a full QWERTY keypad and a navigation track...

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Solar Decathlon and Solar LED Installation is Ready to Make the World Green

Well, we can say that this is an incredibly new family of sun-powered prefabricated houses popped up in Washington DC. Made for 2011 Solar Decathlon, lets take a look at the most stunning homes of this year!

Solar LED Installation

Green transportation got some new things...

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Sharp FX Plus: A Review

Well, if you haven’t yet heard about the Sharp FX Plus, then you must not be the type to troll the halls of your local Walmart. This Android Smartphone is available for sale on Walmart from a few weeks. And a PCD rep just confirmed it’ll soon be available...

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Samsung Has New CPUs and Camera Sensors for Upcoming Smartphones

According to a new report from PhoneScoop, Samsung has some new processors and Camera Sensors in store for your future Smartphones. These CPUs include the Exynos 4212  processors, and some new Camera Sensors.

samsung has some new CPUs and camera sensors in store

According to the report, Exynos 4212 is...

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Samsung Galaxy SII Finally Available on T-Mobile

After making an successful appearance at its launch in New York and again this morning at Mobilize 2011, we’re pretty excited to announce that the best Android Smartphone has also made its appearance on T-Mobile. Packing the same 4.52-inch WVGA Super...

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Pioneer DJM-250: A Press Release

Makers of high-end DJ finery, Pioneer, is adding another member to its exhaustive family — Pioneer DJM-250 budget mixer. At a budget price of $400, its the cheapest two-channel mixer on the market. Aside from those, you’ll also enjoy up to eight inputs...

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Nikon 1 Tiny Camera Review

Creating a tiny camera with big sensors and interchangable lenses seems like a big deal. But now Nikon has tried to complete this task with Nikon 1, and yes, it has done it. The camera is really awesome.

Nikon 1 Tiny Camera with Interchangable Lenses

Something New:

There are uncountable features...

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Motorola Spyder Specs and Pics Leaked!!

Well, if you haven’t heard about Motorola Spyder before, then I want to tell you that this one is the upcoming handset from Motorola. And recently, This Is My Next has provided some leaked screen shots and features of this latest Motorola device.

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Motorola Droid Bionic Review

Finally after a long time of waiting, Motorola Droid Bionic is finally out today. The device is now available for $300 at Verizon Wireless and packs both LTE connectivity and a dual-core processor. It also seems to be the thinnest LTE Network handset...

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