Use Modern SMS Tracker to Protect Your Children

hoverwatch sms tracker

In these times when everyone uses smartphones, including children, it’s important to realize the dangers of the Internet and also make sure that your kids are not too distracted by all the entertainment available today. This SMS Tracker software from Howerwatch is just what you need to protect your children by monitoring their phone activity in the most efficient and simple way.

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Samsung Galaxy Note Price in India, Review, Features and Specifications

Today Samsung revealed it’s Smartphone and Tablet Mash-up Samsung Galaxy Note in Indian Market. With Galaxy Note, on one hand Samsung has tried to deliver a device that is the middle line between a Smartphone and a Tablet, while on the other hand has...

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Motorola Xoom 2 Makes It’s Debut in the U.K. and Ireland Tablet Market

Motorola is going to re-enter the tablet market of U.K. and Ireland  with Motorola Xoom 2. Xoom 2 is being revealed in 2 flavors — a traditional 10-inch Xoom 2 and an 8.2-inch Xoom 2 Media Edition. The traditional version comes with built-in options...

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Kindle Fire Shows Apple Like Strategy in Apps

Best cell phone spy to track SMS. Tomorrow Amazon showed off the app lineup for it’s Kindle Fire Tablet, and it’s very exciting. First thing that is very surprising is this that many of the apps that will be available to Kindle Fire buyers sound like they would directly compete with...

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How to: Get Rid of Recovery Mode Loop on iPhone Restart

Sometimes when we jailbreak our iPhone, it refuses to boot in normal mode. What it does, is this that it starts entering in Recovery Mode every time when you restart your iPhone. And yes, it becomes irritating for many of us. This painful situation...

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Conserve Your iPhone’s Battery Power With BatterySense App

Recently, iOS 5 users are totally sucked by loosing the battery power at a drastic level.  Apple is saying that their is a bug in the software and soon they’ll be sending out an app or any other update for it, so iPhone users are stuck with trying...

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Apple Says Amazon’s Kindle Fire is A Good Thing

Well, it happens rarely that Apple show some positive point of view for it’s competitors. But this rare thing is happening right now. Bosses at Apple are providing a positive view for iPad rival, Kindle Fire. Instead of feeling challenged by the tablet...

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Apple Reveals $6.7 Million Redesign of It’s Fifth Ave. Flagship Store

Today, Apple has unveiled the redesign of it’s Fifth Ave. Flagship Store. The design features sleek, soaring new rennovation of 32-foot glass cube entryway. The design is being reported to be worth $6.7 Million.

A 22 years old tourist from Dallas...

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Apple Will Not Allow Live Streaming of iPhone Media Event: We’re Here to Help You

Well, Apple lovers, a little bit bad news for you. According to an Apple press representative, the company will not be allowing Live Streaming of tomorrow’s iPhone Media Event which is to be held at company’s Cupertino Campus.

iPhone Media Event Invite

However, for putting...

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Apple May Offer iPhone 3GS Free on Contract??

When mostly the focus of media and customers is towards Apple’s iPhone 4S/5, some sources are reporting that Apple may offer its iPhone 3GS around even longer in order to offer a handset available for free on contract. In fact, iPhone 3GS is the second...

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