Touchstone Feature Powers Samsung Epic 4G Touch with Inductive Charging Powers

Well, its a pretty unclear subject just like a webOS before the launch, but still its getting a fair amount of love. A bold and daring AndroidCentral Forums member accomplished the Touchstone feat on his three-day-old Epic 4G Touch in a process that’s definitely not for the faint of heart.

Touchstone feat in Samsung Epic 4G Touch

The modder is known as ”darrenf” explains a full how-to-guide on this topic. But also says that its ”a pretty delicate mod” and attempting to it may void your product warranty that was attached to your phone when you purchased it.

It also doesn’t result in the most aesthetically pleasing look since the charging coil had to be attached to the outside of the phone. But it’s gotta give you some massive street cred if you pull it off, am I right?

Not so many details available about this topic as Touchstone mod is still a mystery for the world. You can read the full how-to provided by the modder here. As I get more updates on this topic, I’ll update this post.

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