Kindle Fire Shows Apple Like Strategy in Apps

Tomorrow Amazon showed off the app lineup for it’s Kindle Fire Tablet, and it’s very exciting. First thing that is very surprising is this that many of the apps that will be available to Kindle Fire buyers sound like they would directly compete with Amazon’s own offerings.  Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Let me elaborate a little bit more on this. For instance, who will like to pay for Amazon Prime (for streaming videos) if he/she already has a Netflix subscription. Why one will buy songs in he/she has Pandora?

But that’s the thing which makes Apple so successful. For example, there are plenty of great media apps available in App Store for iPad. Not only one or two! And actually, Apple’s media app sales are also not hurt by this fact. Because choice between quality services make the user experience more better.

Amazon is also playing Apple as it is running it’s Appstore for Android. Every app goes through a submission process before releasing. It is done for keeping the quality of apps high. However, it also keeps the quantity down. Amazon is also interested in selling apps, rather than just giving away freebies. Most of the Android Market stuff is free, and that’s the thing which is making some game developers and content publishers skittish. Amazon is a very attractive alternative for them.

But there is a downside in this ‘Increased Attention of Money.’ Some developers have expressed dismay at Amazon’s financial agreements, particularly the Free App of the Day, which nets them zero dollars.

By smartly picking the most influential steps of Apple, Amazon has not just become an Apple Wanna be, but also an Anti-Google. And Amazon didn’t made Kindle Fire an Android powered tablet because it loves Android. Amazon did it because it knew that by adding some rich functionality to Android, it may become a strong competitor of Apple.