How to: Get Rid of Recovery Mode Loop on iPhone Restart

Sometimes when we jailbreak our iPhone, it refuses to boot in normal mode. What it does, is this that it starts entering in Recovery Mode every time when you restart your iPhone. And yes, it becomes irritating for many of us. This painful situation is known as Recovery Mode Loop.

But you can get rid of Recovery Mode Loop. You need to use iRecovery for this purpose. iRecovery is a libusb-based command line utility for Mac OS X and Linux (perhaps Windows too). It is able to talk to the iBoot/iBSS in your iPhone/iPod touch via USB. On Windows? You need to install LibUsb-Win 32 to run iRecovery.

Now let’s get started with a short list of Pre Requisites:

1. Download the complete package which includes iRecovery for Windows & Mac and LibUSB-Win 32.

2. if you’re a Windows user, then also download latest version of iRecovery.

Now, I wanna tell you that although this is a well performed task and has been tested several times, still I can’t guarantee that it can’t cause any type of damages in your device. Please proceed at your own risk.

1. If you’re a Windows user, then install libusb from the downloaded package. Mac users can skip this step. If you’re using Windows Vista, then you need to perform some additional steps for this:

  • Right click on the file. Select Properties >> Compatibility >> Run this program in compatibility mode >> Windows XP (Service Pack2) from the drop down list.
  • Right click again and select Run as >> Administrator. Follow the installation instructions. Running the test program list the usb devices plugged into my computer – but not my new device.

2. Start iRecovery in Terminal / Console with iRecovery -s <

3. Execute the given commands:

setenv auto-boot true

4. Reboot your iPhone by holding home button+sleep button for 10 seconds.

If all goes right, then you’ll be able to run your iPhone next time without facing the Recovery Mode Loop. Otherwise, you need to re-perform all these steps.

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Source : iHackintosh