Use Modern SMS Tracker to Protect Your Children

hoverwatch sms tracker

In these times when everyone uses smartphones, including children, it’s important to realize the dangers of the Internet and also make sure that your kids are not too distracted by all the entertainment available today. This SMS Tracker software from Howerwatch is just what you need to protect your children by monitoring their phone activity in the most efficient and simple way.

Which features are available to you when using this SMS tracker?

Because modern smartphones offer us an opportunity to perform such a broad range of tasks, the tracking software has to include a number of function to cover the entire phone activity. It’s so much easier to get a full picture of what a user is up to on the phone when the software monitors everything from text messages to phone calls details. Using the SMS tracker you get a chance to:

  • read all the text messages both received and sent by the user
  • view the messages that were exchanged using Facebook or WhatsApp
  • know call details, including duration of the conversation and the phone number of the person the user was talking to
  • take a look at the browser history to know which websites were visited by the user and when
  • receive the picture taken by the front camera to see who uses a phone at any given moment
  • track phone location
  • explore phone book details, such as phone numbers, emails, etc.
  • get a notification when a user changes the SIM card
  • view additional information, such as events saved in the calendar and to-do lists

What is great about this SMS tracker is that you have a chance to receive all this valuable information without exposing yourself to the user of the target phone. By simply choosing a stealth mode the app is not displayed alongside other software on the phone, and unless you tell a user that it’s there, they won’t be able to detect it. The installation process is trouble-free and straightforward – set up a free online account, download and install the software, and view all the data remotely from your account.

Monitoring Facebook activity – valuable feature of the SMS tracker app

It’s not a secret that a lot of the Internet activity and communications happen on the social networking websites, such as Facebook. It’s no difficult to imagine a child spending hours upon hours chatting with friends, scrolling through the photos, and playing online games. There is no doubt that such activity can take a toll on the education and even make your kids sleep deprived because they would rather talk to their friends than sleep. Adults are also prone to wasting their office hours on mindless Facebook browsing, so being able to know what your employees do when they are supposed to be working is always a good idea. Knowing who pays attention to the work and who doesn’t will certainly help increase the productivity in your company.

Facebook spy function of the SMS tracker allows you to not only read the incoming and outgoing Facebook messages, but also view all the files attached to them, such as pictures, music tracks, or videos. Such comprehensive approach ensures that you don’t miss any important details and know all the information you need to guide your kids in the right direction. Because technologies have become such an essential part of our lives, we have to adjust accordingly to make sure that the children are safe, and their priorities are straight.