Apple Reveals $6.7 Million Redesign of It’s Fifth Ave. Flagship Store

Today, Apple has unveiled the redesign of it’s Fifth Ave. Flagship Store. The design features sleek, soaring new rennovation of 32-foot glass cube entryway. The design is being reported to be worth $6.7 Million.

A 22 years old tourist from Dallas said, “It’s magnificent, very modern. I love it! The design screams out, ‘We are Apple!’”

The cenetrpiece of the redesign is iconic 32-foot glass cube entrance. It is now comprised of 15 massive panes of glass rather than the 90 in its original design, giving it a cleaner, more seamless look.

According to The Verge, a tech publication, “The results are quite staggering. What’s especially impressive is that the 24/7 store never closed during the renovations.”

Upgrades are also made to the surrounding plaza according to the redesign. The store’s face-lift was unveiled on Friday.

Barnes, 29 said, “I came just to see it. It’s impressive because the glass panes are so enormous. It’s Apple’s way of showing mastery of design and construction.”

This rennovation was result of a collaboration between Apple and Boston Properties. Boston Properties is the firm that owns the landmark General Motors Building which houses the store.

This amazing redesign is now another magnet in New York for tourists and New Yorkers.

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