Apple May Offer iPhone 3GS Free on Contract??

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When mostly the focus of media and customers is towards Apple’s iPhone 4S/5, some sources are reporting that Apple may offer its iPhone 3GS around even longer in order to offer a handset available for free on contract. In fact, iPhone 3GS is the second best selling smartphone in US after iPhone 4.

iPhone 3GS

RBC Capital Markets analyst Mike Abramsky today issued a new research note outlining his expectations for Apple’s iPhone event that’s to be held tomorrow. Many of his expectations and predictions are for iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, but still he says in a point that Apple may continue it’s iPhone 3GS for sometime as an handset available for free on contract for increasing company’s market share and presence.

According to Abramsky:

We expect Apple to reduce the price of the prior iPhone 4 to $99 subsidized ($499 unsubsidized) and the iPhone 3GS to $0 subsidized ($399 unsubsidized, see 11/06/29 note for more detail and rationale); the prior iPhone 4 may be available only with 8GB memory.

So what will happen with the iPhone 3GS, it may come out on tomorrow’s iPhone Media Event. Stay tuned to Gadget Media as we’ll provide you the most frequent updates during and after the event. So keep visiting us.