Apple Leaks “iPhone 4S” Product Name in iTunes Beta

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Now when there are only two days left in announcement of latest iPhone, Apple has officially leaked the name ‘iPhone 4S’ in it’s latest version of iTunes Beta. References to the iPhone 4S can be found in the Info.plist file of the MobileDevices bundle that was included with the ninth beta of iTune 10.5 on Friday.

iPhone 4S Term Leaked by Apple in Latest iTunes Beta

Especially, references to the Item 7 and Item 8 show off the devices ‘iPhone 4S black’ and ‘iPhone 4S white’, respectively. The icons of both devices are so much identical to the iPhone 4. This also points that both iPhone 4S black and iPhone 4S white may exist at the time of launching.

According to some other rumors that came some days ago, Apple is being supposed to announce an iPhone with an 8MP camera, 512MB of RAM, support for HSPA+, an A5 processor and dual graphics. All these rumors point towards an iPhone 5, but now after seeing this thing, it seems like Apple may release an iPhone 4S with these enhanced functions.

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