iPhone 5 Will Come With 16GB and 32GB Capacities: Vodafone

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Till now, we’ve always heard that the iPhone 5 will come with an 8 mega-pixel shooter, an A5 processor a thinner body, a larger screen etc. etc.. But no rumors about the memory of the device. But this time, we’ve found something that’s totally different from the previous one’s.

iPhone 5 to Come with 32 GB of storage

A product listing on the UK version of Vodafone’s website, suggests that iPhone 5 will come out with 16GB and 32 GB capacities. The listing is titled as Vodafone Sure Signal and it includes 4 models of iPhone 5–iPhone 5 32GB Black, iPhone 5 32 GB White, iPhone 5 16GB Black and iPhone 5 16GB White.

Of course, it may be a typing mistake, or may even be presumptive. But listing also includes the current iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and even iPhone 3G separately. But if the above listed capacity is true, then iPhone 5 should not gain a 64GB of Flash storage as iPod Touch and iPad 2 do. Given below is a screenshot of the product listing:

iPhone 5 to come in 16GB and 32GB variants

This thing also point towards a White version of iPhone 5. Now lets see when it comes out — at the time of launch of black iPhone, or later.

Apple is expected to have a press event in upcoming weeks to publicly reveal its next generation iPhone. You may also know that numerous reports and rumors are pointing towards an October launch of iPhone 5. If you want to take a look at all of them, then visit our iPhone 5 section.

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