Apple’s iPhone 5 Official Media Event Hosted by CEO Tim Cook to be Held on October 4th!!

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Well, it seems like the day for which Apple lovers and Media was eagerly waiting has been decided now. A new report from AllThingsD says that Apple is expected to hold an official media event for iPhone 5 on October 4th.

iPhone 5 official media event to be held on October 4th

The report also says that Cook is certain to preside over the iPhone 5 rollout and the event will be hosted by himself. although it will almost certainly be a team presentation with other executives such as Phil Schiller, Scott Forstall, and Eddy Cue leading portions of the event.

According to the report provided by AllThingsD:

While Apple could certainly change its plans anytime, sources said that the October 4 date has been selected by the company to showcase the iPhone 5. Sources added that the plan is now to make the new device available for purchase within a few weeks after the announcement.

It is still unclear whether Steve Jobs will make an appearance at the event or not. The report suggests that a decision on whether or not he appears would be a last-minute one based on his health.

Last time when Jobs was unfit at the time of Announcement of iPhone 3GS, it was Schiller who handled the presentation to debut Apple’s iPhone 3GS, not Cook. But Paczkowski said that it “would undercut Cook’s new role and reinforce public perception” that Apple will be a very different company without Jobs. So the chances of Tim Cook’s handling the event are pretty higher.

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