Be Careful: Infected Android Apps can Hijack Your Texts

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Well, this is time to be careful about your Android Smartphone. Because there’s a news in the market which is saying that there are at least 11 suspicious Android Apps which contain malware that is rigged to automatically send text messages from your Google Android smartphone to phone numbers in China.

These suspicious Android Apps include iBook, iCartoon, iGuide, iCalendar, LoveBaby and Sea Ball and some other popular apps and are embedded with malicious code that sends text messages to three different premium-rate numbers without their knowledge or approval.

According to AegisLab, who discovered the corrupted apps-After sending messages, the texts then signs the victims up for premium paid subscription services.

Zsone published that Google has removed the offending Android Apps from the android market; but according to Kaspersky Lab the malware (classified as Trojan) hides inside the application. So the infection of some other apps is also possible.

Security problems in Android Apps and devices started from early march. After that there were many security holes which were found in Android Apps. These Security holes include DroidDream Trojan Concept, Pirated copy of Android.Walkinwat, Skype’s Android app problem and many more. The interesting fact is that the popularity of Google’s Operating Platform is still increasing. People are still taking good interest in the usage of Android Apps and devices.

So finally we can say that it will be better if we don’t use android market for some days. Otherwise it may be harmful for our devices. Hope Google will take some care of its Android Market and apps from now.